Caitlyn Correia Promoted to President of BlueHive Group and BlueHive Exhibits

(Caitlyn Correia)

WORCESTER, MA - September 14, 2021—"Family” is an important word for BlueHive Group and its affiliate brands. As a private, family-owned corporation, BlueHive Group treats every staff member as family; nowhere is this truer than at the award-winning exhibit house that started it all, BlueHive Exhibits. It’s no surprise, then, that as BlueHive Exhibits closes in on its seventeenth year, the next generation of family is poised to take the helm of the Group. BlueHive is thrilled to announce the promotion of Caitlyn Correia to President of BlueHive Group and BlueHive Exhibits.

As the third generation of a professional trade show family, Caitlyn Correia has been in the industry all her life. Correia was first exposed to the exhibit industry at a young age and continued to learn about and work in the family company during summer vacations. A graduate of Endicott College with a BS in Sports Management and an MBA, she officially joined BlueHive Exhibits in 2013 to pursue her passions for working with people and brands and bringing conceptual ideas and design to life with tangible experiences and events.

During her years at BlueHive, Correia has held a position in almost every department of the company; from the shop where exhibits and event structures are built, to accounting, account management and client services, and marketing. These roles submerged her in the day-to-day operations of the trade show world and the marketing industry, readying her for her current role as President of BlueHive Group and BlueHive Exhibits.

As President, Correia oversees the daily operations of the entire BlueHive Group organization and affiliate brands. Her responsibilities include ensuring BlueHive Group is following its mission, policies, and procedures and keeping BlueHive relevant, competitive, corporately responsible and financially responsible, as well as supporting innovation and growth in BlueHive Group services and capabilities.

“I truly enjoy walking the halls of the Hive, as we call our headquarters, keeping up with all the departments and goings-on of the Group. My passion for travel and taking in new experiences has instilled a true sense of appreciation for the events world—from the colors, unique structures, and creative displays to how loud yet controlled the noise is. There’s nothing quite like it,” says President of BlueHive Group and BlueHive Exhibits Caitlyn Correia.

She adds: “It's especially important to me in my new role to continue our family-oriented company culture and the mantra I was raised around: our employees come first, vendors come second, and clients come third. Because if we have the best people, and the best vendor relationships, our clients will be given the finest service.”

Paul Hanlon, previously President and CEO of BlueHive Group and BlueHive Exhibits will continue in his role as CEO for the companies.


About BlueHive Group:

Launched in 2018, BlueHive Group functions as the parent company for BlueHive Exhibits, Continental Woodcraft, Trigon Creative, and Lime I&D Services with a singular purpose: to help their clients thrive. Privately owned, BlueHive Group and its affiliate brands are headquartered in a combined 160,000 sq. ft. facility in Worcester, Mass. BlueHive also has satellite offices and facilities located in Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas as well as Portsmouth, N.H., Long Island, N.Y., and Tampa, Fla. and with partner facilities in several key international areas including South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific regions. By bringing trade show design and build, architectural millwork, installation and dismantle services, and full-service marketing all under one roof, BlueHive Group provides companies with marketing consistency by offering end-to-end brand management solutions. For more information on BlueHive Group, visit our homepage.